Blog Action Day is here.

Well, the day is finally here. We all will be witnesses to wether a thing like the Blog Action Day actually does the planet anything good, or if the vast masses of uneducated citizens rather go shopping online for their next SUV or oversized plasma tv. Greenpeace, in the meantime, finds that the iPhone, on top of being tied to monopolist carriers of the countries it descends upon, features a slew of nice toxins, despite Apple’s promise to be greener with every new product and having the now even more famous Al Gore on its board of directors. In further news today, China vows to be looking after its environment in literally the same second they announce to build the world’s largest dam, forcing millions of people out of the region and obliterating nature in the surrounding area.

Finally, if you feel like you have something important to say or want to express your thoughts about the topic, you might want to join this afternoon’s chat with Stavros Dimas, the EU’s Commissioner for the Enviroment.
YT – Kay


Don't steal music. Buy for free.

The waiting has ended! Radiohead have finally unleashed their new album “In Rainbows” to the world! And released their music it is truly. Without the help from one of those bastardeous record labels they’re promoting and selling the album themselves. You can either buy a pure download (for as little as £0,00) or a gorgeous disc box, which is filled with £40 worth of silvery plastic and jet-black vinyl. The demand for these little gems is actually so high that the server’s almost dying from the load and wouldn’t let me buy a thing before I suggested the sadly low retail price of zero pound sterling. So for now I am listening to the new album and once the shop’s running again, I’ll sure as hell pay for their effort to get music to their audience without neither a record company nor drm. Hail the Radiohead!
YT – Kay