Don't steal music. Buy for free.

The waiting has ended! Radiohead have finally unleashed their new album “In Rainbows” to the world! And released their music it is truly. Without the help from one of those bastardeous record labels they’re promoting and selling the album themselves. You can either buy a pure download (for as little as £0,00) or a gorgeous disc box, which is filled with £40 worth of silvery plastic and jet-black vinyl. The demand for these little gems is actually so high that the server’s almost dying from the load and wouldn’t let me buy a thing before I suggested the sadly low retail price of zero pound sterling. So for now I am listening to the new album and once the shop’s running again, I’ll sure as hell pay for their effort to get music to their audience without neither a record company nor drm. Hail the Radiohead!
YT – Kay

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